Component price table

Prices are approximate. Soon I’ll update them…

Raspberry Pi Zero 10
Micro SD Card 8
USB adapter cable 0,46
Raspberry Pi Camera 5
Camera Cable 2,64
Clock module for the Raspberry Pi 1,08
Rapsberry Pi Zero GPIO Header Pins 0,9
Powering from AC
(one is enough from every item for several Raspberry Pi)
Raspberry Pi Power AC-USB adapter 3,09
Timer Switch when using AC adapter 5,16
Long cable to the plant in the garden
Powering from Li-Ion batteries
Timer Switch for batteries 2,41
Step up converter (3V to 5V) 0,87
Power bank 0,69
2 x 18650 Li-Ion battery 11,55
From the following, one is enough for several Raspberry Pi
Wi-fi USB adapter 2,07
Mini HDMI to HDMI converter 0,95
HDMI to VGA adapter 2,98
USB SD Card reader/writer 2,18
USB hub 5V powered